Ways to treat fever blisters treatment and some home remedies

Published: 11th October 2010
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Fever blisters which are also known as cold sores are experienced by majority of the population

across the world. Fever blister is a type of illness that is caused by a peculiar virus called as herpes

simplex. The fever blisters are characterized by the presence of small fluid filled, painful blisters which

occur mostly on the face, nose, mouth and lips. Unfortunately the virus that causes these fever blisters

cannot be cured completely. The effective way to avoid these viruses is by taking precautions and

proper care of the body.

As understood, precaution is the best cure for fever blisters. Some of the home fever blister remedies

that could be helpful both in controlling the effect of fever blisters as well as ensuring reducing the

chances of reoccurrence of these fever blisters.

- One needs to avoid stressful situations, over consumption of alcoholic beverages, nuts and

spicy foods. These items are considered to be the triggers that could cause in the outbreak.

- One can isopropyl alcohol on the blisters which will help destroy the virus as it tries to spread.

It could limit the sore becoming bigger in size.

- Ensure taking lysine supplements which will help contain the replication of these viruses in the


- Applying aloe vera pulp on the fever blisters can be an effective treatment. The juice can be

drunk to cleanse the body from inside to prevent future reoccurrence of the virus.

- Using black walnut can be very effective; these can act as antiseptic as it has iodine which can

be effective in curing open blisters.

- Applying witch hazel can provide relief to the effected area of the skin.

One can totally prevent the reoccurrence of fever blisters by strengthening the immune system. It is

very essential to take proper care of the body by consuming healthy diet. One should take proper care

of the immune system which can help fight the infection and get rid of the symptoms very quickly. It

is very essential to make it a habit to eat healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Ensure

taking lysine supplements, as the amino acid lysine can help the outbreaks by supporting the healthy

tissues. Avoiding food that are rich in amino acids such as shellfish, grains like wheat and oats, nuts

and most seeds and fruits such as grapes, oranges and tangerines will help stop the growth of these

herpes viruses.

Ensuring having a healthy diet, exercising, avoiding excessive alcohol is very essential to keep the

immune system in right shape. A weak immune system will be more susceptible to a fever blister in

general. Some of the topical applications that can help in reducing the symptoms and help in fever

blister treatments are:

- A cold compress with some ice packs can help reduce the tingling itchiness that warns of a

fever blister outbreak.

- One can use coconut oil and lemon balm that can help reduce the cover and protect the fever

blisters as it heals.

- The activated charcoal or clay mud mask is the best when the fever blister starts to ooze. This

will help the healing process become faster.

- Tea tree oil is a naturally antiviral and antiseptic substance. Applying the tea tree oil on a new

breakout will help dry it out and weaken the virus very quickly.

- One can use honey, as it is a natural antiseptic. It also has antimicrobial powers and can help

protect the lesion from outside bacteria making it more worse.

There are many antiviral medications that can be taken for fever blisters. Medications such as

acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir can suppress the herpes virus effectively. These medications

provide the temporary relief and action. Above all these, it is very essential to keep the stress levels of

an individual down and be patient. It would take about 5-7 days time for the fever blister outbreak to

heal and go away. It is very essential to be patient and avoid squeezing or pinching these fever blisters

as that may lead to more infection all over the body.

Fever Blister And Its Remedies

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